What did we do before the Internet again?

Life Before The Internet

Sometimes, when my internet is down, I forget the rest of my computer still works.

Whilst one can remember a world before the internet, one rarely remembers what we did without it. Here is little guide to the early 90′s equivalents to popular modern day websites.

How We Lived Before Computers Took Over

The internet has become a cornerstone of modern life, but there was a time when people lived, worked, and played without it. Here’s a look at some things we did before the internet was invented.


  1. Landline Phones: Voice communication was primarily done through fixed-line telephones.
  2. Letters: Snail mail was the standard for long-distance communication.
  3. Face-to-Face: More emphasis was placed on in-person conversations.


  1. Television and Radio: These were the main sources of news and entertainment.
  2. Libraries and Bookstores: People visited these places for research and leisure reading.
  3. Outdoor Games: Physical games like hide-and-seek, tag, and sports were more prevalent.


  1. Typewriters: These were used for creating documents.
  2. Filing Cabinets: Important papers were physically stored.
  3. Networking: Professional connections were made through events, not LinkedIn.

Information Gathering

  1. Newspapers: Daily updates came in the form of a physical paper.
  2. Encyclopedias: These multi-volume sets were the go-to source for general knowledge.
  3. Maps: Physical maps and atlases were used for navigation.

Banking and Shopping

  1. In-Person Banking: Transactions were completed at physical branches.
  2. Cash and Checks: These were the primary methods of payment.
  3. Catalog Shopping: Mail-order catalogs were popular for remote shopping.

Social Life

  1. Social Events: Parties, community events, and clubs were the social networks of the time.
  2. Photo Albums: Physical albums were used to store memories.
  3. Bulletin Boards: Community news and advertisements were posted on physical boards.

The internet has certainly revolutionized many aspects of our daily life, but it’s interesting to remember how things were done in the not-so-distant past.

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