SEOh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic!

Do You Believe in Magic? Well here at SEO For Breakfast we do.

We would like to introduce Mr Oliver Parker, who is one of our search engine optimisation clients.  Oliver is a Close-Up Magician based in Leeds, who performs all around the country at weddings, parties, corporate events and you may have even seen him on your TV, maybe even without realising.

Oliver is on our “Full English” monthly SEO programme, and the results speak for themselves. His site is (at the time of writing) at the top of Google for not one or two, but SIX different search terms that we are tracking.

When we say “at the top of google” we don’t just mean first page, we mean his site is literally the NUMBER ONE ranking site on, and thats no illusion.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself, “Magician Leeds” “Wedding Magician Leeds” “Card Magician Leeds” are just some of his number one ranking search terms, there are far more which are first page, and literally dozens of others which he ranks for.

Whilst you’re checking, why not click on his site and see some of his amazing tricks for yourself. Who knows, you may even hire him for your event, and if you do, tell him SEO For Breakfast sent you, and we’re sure he will do you a good deal ; )

Posted on May 13, 2013 in Search Engine Optimisation

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