Search Engine Optimisation

The Recipe for Online Success.

As we’ve mentioned before it isn’t enough to just exist online, you need to be seen online and a huge part of that is ranking highly on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the art of ensuring your website appears at the top of the results for whatever your customers are likely to search for, AKA your “Keywords“. These are typically two or three word phrases such as “SEO Leeds” SEO Services Leeds” “SEO Company Leeds”.

We will never knowingly use “Black Hat” techniques

SEO is a complex, multivariate and ever-changing process, and we happen to think we’re pretty good at it. Well conducted SEO can make your business, whereas bad SEO can just as easily break your business. The complex algorithms that the big search engines use to determine their results are constantly evolving, and if you don’t move with the times, you can drop off the internet radar.

Google and it’s chums have gradually changed formulas over the years, and now look for quality rather than quantity to determine their search results. Meaningful content in a technically optimised environment creates infinitely better SEO than poor quality, “link bombing” and huge hit count bot driven web traffic.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our SEO and we will never knowingly use “Black Hat” techniques such as automated bots, same IP traffic or fake profiles for any of our SEO and Social Networking Services. Please be wary of using services which use these methods (they’re usually the ones clogging your inbox) as when Google finds out (and they always do), your search rankings will drop through the floor. We call this a “Google Slap”.

Here at SEO For Breakfast we offer monthly SEO consultancy and campaign management as well as a range of one-off SEO services, such as site optimisations and our highly regarded site and competitor analysis.



If you would like to know more about any aspect of Search Engine Optimisation, just ask.

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