Google Penguin Update 2.0

Google Penguin Update 2.0 - SEO For Breakfast

At the end of May Google implemented the most significant changes to their search engine algorithm since April 2012 when they implemented the famous “Penguin” update. So now a week or so later when the dust has settled, we can look at what has changed and how it affects your business and your SEO.

Dress Code – White Hats Only

Well the good news is that if we provide your SEO, you will hopefully have seen little change. However if this isn’t the case you may have dropped off the Google ladder entirely. The changes Google have made are quite paradoxical. Whilst quite large, and rolled out worldwide (unlike some of the other updates which are US only English language based) there is Google Penguin Update 2.0 - SEO Leedsessentially nothing new here. Google have just continued their war against spam, further devaluing bad, spammy links (termed “Black Hat SEO”) and are continuing to reward good content, trusted domains and social interaction (termed “White Hat SEO”).

Matt Cutts the man behind Penguin and Panda Google updates has been talking about the update, and the future of Google and SEO on his blog here.  It seems there are more changes in the pipeline which aim to further target link building strategies. However with link building being arguably the most commonly used SEO tactic, what will happen to most “SEO Experts” out there. Well our prediction is that in all likelihood they will disappear. If easy automated SEO strategies don’t work anymore, then hopefully the people out for “a quick buck” (excuse the Americanism) will move onto their next scam. Whilst some will no doubt remain, SEO is a results based business, so hopefully they wont last long.


Google Penguin Update, SEO Leeds

Google Penguin Update, SEO Leeds

Posted on June 3, 2013 in Google, Search Engine Optimisation

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